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Woodland bird costumes (work in progress) 8/8/16

This watercolour which I’m currently working on is my largest work for a while (405mm x 265mm). My inspiration was the markings of local woodland birds that I’ve seen on recent bushwalks, painted on vintage dolls. The species represented here are Jacky Winter, Yellow-rumped Thornbill, Flame Robin, Brown Treecreeper, Striated Pardalote although I am yet to spot a Painted Button-quail (foreground).

Drawing from Outsider series

Art Gallery of Ballarat: Pam Hallandal; Von Guerard; Last of England; Rick Amor Drawing Prize 24/7/2016

                PAM HALLANDAL Exhibition of Melbourne artist ‘Pam Hallandal watching’. Inspiring monumental drawings of charcoal, pastel and ink. Her use of space is really interesting, capturing moments of daily life from an outsider’s perspective.   EUGENE VON GUERARD (1811-1901) Artist and lithographer ‘Southern End of Tasman’s Island’ 1866-67 Colour lithograph. […]